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We make training engaging, enjoyable and empowering, Our ultimate mission is to help you get stronger with movements in the gym that translate skills to activities you enjoy outside of the gym such as sports, kayaking, walking, running, hiking, water sports, rock climbing, and the list goes on….

All new clients are taken through a physical assessment to help your coach gain insight into your capabilities- current levels of cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, coordination, agility and core strength. Once we have gathered these baseline data, we design a program customized to both your goals and helping build up those unstable areas that may lead to injury down the road.

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What’s on your Bucket List?


5k, 10k, marathon? Grouse Grind?


Grouse Grind, Trekking in Bali? Kayak adventure around Howe Sound?


1 Pull up, play soccer again, participate in amazing race?


Drive a ball a certain distance? touch your toes?

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Client Testimonials

I have been training with Carla for years now and rarely miss a session unless I am out of country. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for her work and the impact she has made on my health! I started with Carla unable to run beyond a minute and now can run 10km races throughout the city easily. I have accomplished a lot that I truly would never have imagined of, and am grateful for her encouragement and knowledge! Carla is real, relatable and very passionate about helping people in the unique way she does and we laugh quite a bit that it really does work the core! Even when I have put out my back I still go in for sessions, and from an Osteopath, I think that speaks volumes!  Thank you Carla!

- Melissa DZ

Before connecting with Carla, I was nervous and full of anxiety in my personal life and thoughts of going into the gym were uneasy. Carla is down to earth and can relate to my day to day struggles and adapts as needed, she continually shows me that I CAN and WILL succeed. I have accomplished events I never imagined,  she took me kayaking and showed me the ropes out of the water and I can , hands down,  say that was a huge accomplishment for me to face my fears of water.  It’s not just ‘personal training’ it’s a team effort and that we do together which makes it all the more challenging and FUN!

- Tracy B

I have been dealing with some debilitating injuries and haven’t been to the gym in a long time, I was hesitant about getting back at it however Carla has been with me every step of the way. She has been very compassionate and supportive but most importantly our workouts have been fun and full of variety.  I love how energized I feel after leaving our workouts together!

- Karl Sandford


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