Carla moved to Vancouver after completing her schooling at the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence in Victoria 4 years ago to to pursue her career in the fitness industry. Passionate about the outdoors, Vancouver was an easy and natural fit for her. She was the Product Manager at Innovative Fitness for 3 years before taking the leap towards her dream of owning her own company. Diving head first into industry was Carla’s road to success, she let every obstacle and challenge become a learning experience and opportunity to grow. One of the many traits she instills with her clients, she loves witnessing clients build upon successes and have their own breakthrough moments of their own. Carla loves to teach people about their bodies movements patterns and believes having fun doing it is the ingredients for success in the gym. Why so serious? She is building up her connections in the community to create a positive experience around her.

On her down time, she enjoys Crossfit because there is so much to learn and grow, she plays competitive fastpitch and she takes her chihuahua cross for hikes.  She is converting a van into a camper so she can do what she loves: travel and be in nature as comfortable as possible. Most importantly she lives her life to the fullest and encourages the people around her to do the same.

Her Bucket List:

  1. Converting a van into a camper and travel down the coast to Panama
  2. Compete at the CanWest Crossfit games 2018
  3. Travel Africa and South America
  4. Do something that frightens me everyday