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personal training


I believe everyone needs a personal trainer even personal trainers. Not only are they assessing your movement, cueing and correcting, a good trainer knows how to positively push their client slightly outside their comfort zone and ultimately this is where the magic really happens.

fascial stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy exercises can help improve your range of motion, posture, body alignment, improve energy, sport performance and more. Fascial Stretch Therapy is an effective treatment for people recovering from injuries, preventing injuries, increasing range of motion and creating a lengthened and free feeling throughout the whole body.


corporate fascial stretch

Our duo team of certified Fascial Stretch therapists will come to your office and perform stretch therapy on your staff. 

Experience what Stretch Therapy can do for you and your team today! Book a complimentary Demo Day at your office, to see if we are a fit for you and your team!


My Story.
 My Mission.

A YPF Coach offers support and assistance to those they are coaching to help them implement strong, healthy change and achieve desired goals; personal development is a team effort. 

 I am fuelled by other peoples’ success and being a part of empowering, educating and executing milestones in my clients lives, it drives me to always be on a growing path of my own. I understand the fine dance people play in trying to establish balance in all realms of their lives. I am not a personal trainer I am a health and fitness coach. A good fitness coach offers support and assistance to those they are coaching to help them implement a strong, healthy change and achieve desired goals; personal development is a team effort.



Your Mobility– We focus on mobility to help your body function optimally, mobility benefits our everyday movements, helps correct our muscular imbalances, betters our posture, helps prevent injuries (especially overuse injuries), allows us to move more efficiently, and gives us a better range of motion during our workouts. It is essential to open up the joints and get fluid flowing before moving forward into your workout.  We use Fascial stretch therapy as well as self stretch techniques.


Your Foundation– We focus on building your foundation (hips + core) to allow for proper posture, setup and activation throughout all movements.  We build a solid foundation to maximize your strength and activate your deep core to execute all movements in the gym through breathing and bracing drills.


Your Strength and Conditioning –We focus on integrating strength and conditioning movements that will help you exceed in your daily activities and perform above your expectations. We work with clients who are active in ball sports, skiing, soccer, dance, swimming, running, hiking, rock climbing, and many activities that require energy with family.


Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist


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